You ROCK, Aqua Jays

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Steve Knox
Monday, September 3, 2012

My daughter and I sat in the stands for yet another Rock Aqua Jay Sunday evening show at Traxler Park. Even though it was their last scheduled performance for the season the group was still crisp. Brian Cullen guided the show like he's done for as long as I can remember and the skiers did an incredible job. As they wrapped up Brian mentioned this was year 51 of club skiing for the team. Yes, it's been that long.

Maybe Janesville takes the Aqua Jays for granted? We sat next to a family who was in town for the weekend and saw the show for the first time. They mentioned they'd seen shows at Sea World in both Florida and Texas, and just saw the show in the Dells this week and were amazed that our show was free! They commented on a number of occasions on how much better the show was compared to the 'pro shows' they've seen on vacation. I said that several of the skiers were on vacation and that the acts are even more robust when the whole group was on the water. Jaws dropped. Yep, I think Janesville may not realize the jewel they have in the Jays.

Yes, I've seen the show on most Sunday evenings this summer and could recite the written dialogue word for word but the skiing was always amazing. I didn't realize how much dedication and maybe a bit of craziness the skiers have until I grew a tad older. They're jumping off of that ramp or barefooting or climbing a 5-high pyramid for the 'heck' of it for shows twice a week and then they head to work in the morning? I'd sure be sore and stiff walking into work every Thursday and Monday morning.

For giggles I signed up for Learn to Ski a few weeks ago with the Aqua Jays. One of my 2012 goals was to barefoot. After a few spills that shoved my gray matter squarely to the side of my noggin I finally 'got it'. I wasn't off the rope but I consider my 'boom barefoot' a success. The morning after was another story. It felt like I was walking in shoes 3 times too big when I got up but I wasn't wearing shoes! Back to the point that Janesville may be taking this for granted. I think I did.

Well done Rock Aqua Jays and congratulations on another National Championship this year. You've certainly done Janesville proud and visitors are more than thankful for what you do each summer. Honestly, I can't wait until Memorial Day 2013 so I can sit my fanny in the bleachers and watch yet another great season of shows at Traxler Park.

When's the last time you saw a Rock Aqua Jay show at Traxler Park?

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