What's worse, the procedure or payment?

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Steve Knox
Monday, October 1, 2012

Medical science leaps and bounds have been staggering and thanks to the leaps and bounds our life span and quality of life have increased. The stress of medical billing has also increased for millions of Americans as they try to decipher their bill from what was a 'routine visit' to their doctor.

The question many used to ask was, "How long will recovery be from this procedure?" Today, I hear just as many questions on how to read the bill...and pay the charge after the bill has finally been reconciled. "Is this procedure worth it? Gulp.

I've always been satisfied with my medical care, but this week I'm tackling the dark side - the bill. I'm thankful that I have an employer who provides health coverage and offers a wellness program. My wellness visit from earlier this year has been recoded twice and I'm still trying to get my health providers accounts receivable to sync with my health insurance accounts payable. I also have a charge for something that I never had done. Maybe it's another Steve Knox?

In addition to being thankful for insurance, I am thankful for those leaps and bounds in medical technology. I'm here today because of a leap and bound. I just wish the back end of the health industry would keep up with the front end. 20th century billing and CSR services in a 21st century world.

Romney and Obama keep mentioning its about the economy. Yes it is, and this week my economy is all about hoping I get a CSR on the phone who is willing to ignore call stats and just sit and go through my bill with me so we can get it right. If not, my economy won't be rosy and the ulcer may just start.

What's worse for you, the procedure or the payment?

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