44th district - sitting back and watching

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Steve Knox
Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I live in Janesville but I'm not voting for the candidates in the 44th district in a few weeks. I'm just outside the boundary line. My district doesn't have a primary so I'm watching the candidates and wondering -- who is going to win?

Overall, the candidate base is strong and voters in the 44th will have a tough choice in selecting the Democrat candidate to face incumbent Republican Joe Knillans. Kevin Murray, Yuri Rashkin, Deb Kolste and Sam Liebert are all vying for that right to face Joe.

All of the candidates are either current or former local officials. That can be a good or bad thing depending on your viewpoint. I have disagreed with a number votes and positions of a few of the names on the ballot. There is one candidate that I would clearly support if I were in the district and one candidate that I would definitely pass over on the ballot. Since I'm not voting in the district I'll keep those two close to the vest.

If you're in the 44th district are you willing to share who will get your vote on August 14th? If you're a Republican are you going to vote to 'sway' the outcome? Personally, I hope the best candidate wins and that sort of politics stays away from primary Tuesday.

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