Grump all you want, but I love the fair!

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Steve Knox
Monday, July 23, 2012

It's one of my favorite weeks of the summer - 4H fair week!  At the direction of my kids I've made several trips past the grounds this weekend to see the tents and food court rise from the ground. It's exciting!  We love the fair. 

The best part of the Rock County 4H Fair is that it's a county fair held right in the middle of the city. I know there was a movement a few years ago to relocate the fair to the County complex and between Janesville and Beloit.  I'm sure a larger and newer venue would have been neat, but it would have lost the charm. 

It's not the biggest or the newest but once the fair is set with all the rides and exhibits the parcel of land in Janesville seems to double in size. The old grandstand doesn't seem as old and the memories of wandering the midway as a kid erase thoughts of a bad week. 

It's once a year and I always choose to enjoy it. Others want to grump. Go ahead and grump. This year your grumps will be muffled by the big hair of Tesla (and other groups). Will there be a N'Sync this year - a fair act in the late 90's, or Garth Brooks - another act just before he hit it big?  You never know!

Last but not least are the exhibits. Kids from all over the county will be showing animals and projects that they've been working on all year!  City slickers can take a look where our food comes from...and it's not from Stop N Go. 

Are you going to the fair?  I am and I'm looking forward to it!

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