I don't know Paul Ryan

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Steve Knox
August 16, 2012

News flash!  Everyone in Janesville knows Paul Ryan.  That's what it seems like if you watch the national news.  While I was a year behind him at Craig and I have bumped into him at a few local establishments I don't know him.  I've yet to receive a Christmas card so I'm not even a distant acquaintance. 

He's been friendly if we stood next to each other at a function, but a nod and a "hi" is about the extent of my 'friendship' with the Congressman.  I met with him on official business once and he was busy.  It was around the time he unveiled his budget. Aside from the real reason I was there we also discussed Mr. Douglas and the Royal 5 club. He had time for good old Mr. Douglas stories - down to earth.

The last week has been something!  It's been interesting to see some of my former Craig classmates get tagged on Facebook through a tmz.com photos or etonline.com. While the photo are all about Paul, I've seen some other faces that look really familiar. Good friends. That's pretty cool. 

I can't imagine that Paul will be back in Janesville to walk in the Labor Day parade. It will end an almost decade-long streak of being able to wave at my former classmate.  I know he waves right back at me. I'm from Janesville so we should be buddies, right? ;-)

Good luck Paul. While I really don't know you I know you'll make your friends in Janesville proud. 

Do you know Paul?

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