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Steve Knox
Thursday, August 9, 2012

While I'm not big into fast food I will enjoy a scoop of custard at Culver's from time to time. Last night was one of those times. The custard was yummy but the gem of the visit was how customers were treated by one particular employee.

The group I was with last night sat near the counter and we were able to hear the interaction between employees and customers. The banter wasn't the usual "how may I help you"? The gal at the counter interacted with the customers. She made recommendations. At one point a gentleman was debating on his meal and she stated, "May I recommend the fish? In my opinion it's the best fish around!" She genuinely meant it.

The normal blank stares from customers generally ended with smiles as they paid and stepped away from the counter. Families with several children had the dreaded 'he'll never decide what he wants', but they were smiling once the gal at the counter bent over and started discussing the menu with their children.

I was totally impressed with this young woman's attitude and work ethic. Before our group walked out the door I found the manager and told her that she has an awesome employee working for her. She mentioned that I wasn't the first person who's told her that. I was even more impressed with that comment.

As we opened the door and started to head into a gentle rain that same employee headed out with an umbrella and offered to walk us to our car. I told her that she is really making a difference and that she was doing a great job. She thanked me for the comment. It was genuine. Maybe that's just a part of the job description at Culver's. If that's the case, WOW! Most of me believes that her actions weren't written in the employee manual but they came from a strong upbringing and positive attitude. I can honestly say last night was one of the most positive customer service experiences I've ever had.

The only downside to the customer/employee interaction last night is the employee's name tag slipped below her Culver's apron so I didn't catch her name. If the franchise owner of Culver's or the manager of the Milton Avenue location is reading this I'm sure you know who she is. Thank her again. We were all impressed.

When was your last 'WOW' customer service experience?

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