Spring Walleye Run Report March 27, 2012

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John Reddy
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The bite on the Rock River system has been excellent in the past week producing walleye, sauger, white bass and a few northern pike.

The Black Hawk Island area has slowed a bit with fishing moving up river. Many fish that I have caught have been firm, full of eggs the closer to the lake we have fished.

Closer to town in Fort Atkinson the fish have begin to spawn out. The fishing has been better catching pre-spawn and post-spawn fish.

Many of the fish have started to do their business, resulting in a tough bite. Bigger profile baits have worked in the past week using 4” Power Grubs or 4-5” Ring-worms casting and slowly working along bottom.

Large Fathead minnows or crawlers on a Northland Gumball Jig in a 3/8 oz. size has worked for the finicky biters.

The white bass have been biting aggressively catching many while targeting eyes and saugers.

Most have come on a jig/minnow combo, but casting small white Power Grub or Kalin’s twister tail grubs on a 1/16 oz. Jig or working small spinners or Road Runner Jigs would be a blast.

We have caught our share of sheep head, carp and nice channel cats the closer we get to dead-fall and timber.

I have noticed a surplus of snags this year. I have gotten many of my jigs back; with a simple trick a friend had shown me a while ago.

I use Spider Wire Stealth braided line close to 100% of the time on the river. When you come across a snag, immediately I will open my bail, troll back up to the snag until I am upstream of the snag. After I have done this, I will crank down tight to the snag, grab my line ahead of the reel and pull the tip of the rod down letting the line go with a quick snap. You may have to repeat a couple of times.

I have had great success getting jigs out of snags most of the time with this trick. I have to note that this is not as effective using Mono, Fluorocarbon or Co-Polymers; low-stretch braid and super-lines work best “popping” the jig out of snags.

I hope to post a video demonstrating this on my Reddy Guide Service Face book Page soon.

Good luck anglers! May be I will see you on the water!




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