Delavan Lake "Bruisers" Reeling in A Great Time!

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John Reddy
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

With our mild winter and now our above normal temperatures this summer, it has been a “bumper” year for fishing!

In terms of bass fishing Delavan Lake has been fantastic so far this summer.

Many fish over 20 inches have been netted in my Frabill Conservation Series net this fishing season.

Many have been caught in doubles and triples bringing a new meaning to the word “chaos” in the boat.

No matter what an angler throws at them, the bass have been cooperating beautifully yielding great catches day after day.

Many of my trips are spent fishing live bait, but the artificial bite has been awesome throwing plastics, crank baits, top water, spinners and buzz baits.

As we move into mid to late summer many fish will be hanging out in the A/C near the thermocline on the lake, especially the larger fish.

Casting deep cranks such as Bomber A’s, XCalibur Rattle Baits or Rapala DT’s will get you down in the water column.

Many early mornings or late evenings’ fish will be feeding near the surface presenting a top water bite or casting shallow diving cranks.

Rebel Pop’Rs or Sizmic Toads will create explosive strikes ramping up an awesome feeding frenzy as bass start to school up.

Fishing finesse plastics such as Berkley Finesse worms or YUM Dingers on drop-shot or Carolina Rigs take deep water bass consistently working the deep weed line adjacent to steep breaks.

Wacky rigging 6-8” YUM Dingers are an effective way taking deep water suspended bass in the heat of summer.

Fishing football jigs with a Berkley Chigger Chunk or Uncle Josh Pork trailers in deep water with a mix of weeds and rock is an absolute productive way to land the biggest bass in an area.

Fishing jigs can be a bit of a learning curve, but it is a great way to penetrate and work an area thoroughly and effectively catching active bass.

It has been an awesome summer thus far and I am sure the fishing will continue this summer.

Now is a great time to break out your bass arsenal and have a blast reeling in some Delavan Lake “Bruisers”!

Good Luck and Great Fishing!

With so many great photos it was hard to select a few to post on the blog. Check out the Reddy Guide Service Facebook page for photos of more Big Bass.






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