Ice Anglers "Warm" Welcome Our Seasonable Weather

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John Reddy
Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our seasonable weather has finally arrived!

Take care this weekend if you venture out on the ice. Many lakes had 3" of ice out a few hundred yards from shore but beyond that "new" ice was only 3/4-1 1/2" thick at the most.

The snow cover has masked the ice covering up the phases of ice formation.

Most lakes will be safe by mid-week, but take care and take a buddy with you.

We had a blast on Tuesday and Wednesday this week reeling in brown and rainbow trout fishing the Milwaukee Harbor!

Many fish ranged in the 3-5 pound range....perfect for grilling and baking.

The harbor bite will remain into spring. Fishing out of the boat or through the ice produces some great fishing and trout up to and exceeding 20 pounds!

I will post a report in the next few days.

Good Luck and be safe!


Fantastic Fishing with a great view of the Historic Milwaukee Skyline!

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