Rock River System Slot Limit?

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John Reddy
Friday, December 9, 2011

I have been asked by many people why the Rock River System does not have a slot limit on walleyes and saugers such as many lakes, rivers and flowages in the northern region of our state.

I have made several attempts to contact the Rock County fisheries biologist to ask questions and gather the facts to correctly answer this pressing question.

Questions regarding stocking the system, future management and ask about the possibility of a slot limit being put in place.

I am still waiting for an email or call back.

The proposal was on the agenda with the public hearings earlier this year, and was not passed.

The Rock River System is considered as a put-and-take fishery, unlike many northern waters where there is natural reproduction. I was once informed that walleyes do not reproduce in the Rock River System. Saugers seem to be a self sustaining fishery.

There are many fish in the system; I can certainly vouch for that. This fall we boated many fish in the 12-18 range and a healthy number of fish in the 23-28 range.

All of the fish that we caught over 23 are still swimming as I am a true believer in sustaining a fishery practicing catch and release.

Is a slot limit warranted in the Rock River System?

It sounds like the verdict is still out.

I would like to hear what you think.

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