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Scott Angus
Friday, July 11, 2008

In my blog last week about the Gazette’s improved Web site and how it might affect print circulation, several commenters asked if they could subscribe to the E Edition and not get the print edition.

The answer is yes … and no.

For those who don’t know, the E Edition is a complete replica of the daily paper online.

Lon Haenel, the Gazette’s circulation director, explains that customers outside of the Gazette’s circulation area can buy the E Edition exclusively and not receive the print edition.

“This is a great fit for customers wintering in other states, or even college students,” Haenel said.

The cost is $4.95 a month, compared to about $17 a month for the print edition.

The Gazette is researching options for offering just the E Edition to customers within its print delivery area, Haenel said. One model being considered is a hybrid E Edition, in which customers receive seven days of the E Edition plus the Sunday print edition, with all of its inserts.

“Other newspapers providing a similar service have been able to do so at a much lower cost when compared to daily delivery of its print newspaper,” Haenel said.

The E Edition is available at no extra charge to subscribers. Sunday-only subscribers get access to Sunday editions; weekend subscribers receive access to the weekend editions, and daily subscribers have access to all editions. E Editions are available for up to seven days. That means subscribers can read E Editions up to a week old, depending on their print delivery schedules.

It’s important to remember that the print edition still pays the bills at the Gazette, and we need to retain as many print readers as possible. We’re trying to strike a balance to give people the information they want when and how they want it, but it’s complicated. We’re sorting through it all, and we’re making progress.

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