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Scott Angus
Sunday, December 7, 2008

As I wrote in my column in Sunday’s print Gazette, we’re making special plans to commemorate the end of production at Janesville’s GM plant after more than 80 years.

We’ve obviously been covering the news daily, and we also have two special sections planned. The first dropped Monday, and it focused on education, training and employment opportunities for displaced workers.

The second section will be published Monday, Dec. 22—the day before production ends—and it will commemorate the plant’s history and the important role it has played in the community. It will showcase the vehicles made here over the years, the people who made the place special, dozens of historic photos and much more.

Gazettextra.com will feature much of the content from the sections, and we’ll add more to take advantage of the Web’s versatility.

Speaking of that, I’d like to kick off another Web feature today by inviting people to share their memories of the plant, the vehicles, the people and the history through comments on this blog. Many of you have commented on stories and blogs before and know how this works. Those who don’t shouldn’t have much trouble going to the bottom of this entry and finding their way along.

We’d love to have hundreds of memories and comments. They can be anything from fond recollections of co-workers or moments to nostalgic looks back at big occasions. Please, let’s keep these warm and generally positive. We have published plenty of news stories that are more appropriate places for serious comments on the serious issues of GM, the UAW and the auto industry. And we’ll run many more. Go to them if you want to raise questions, criticize management, or otherwise deal with the serious stuff.

Let’s use this forum to recall the many good times and memorable events at GM in Janesville. Post several comments if you’d like. Pass the word to your friends, relatives, co-workers and others. We’ll try to keep promoting this feature, and we hope it becomes a virtual going-away card for the big plant on the south side and the people who made it such a special place.

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