Mountains in Evansville?

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Gina Duwe
Friday, October 15, 2010

Want to see what 1.2 million bushels of corn looks like?

You probably have a good idea where to look by now.

As of today, trucks have brought about 900,000 bushels of corn to form the massive mountains in the Stoughton Trailers parking lot at Highway 14 and M.

Doesnít it just look pretty amazing? It kind of makes me stop and stare. Probably the ol' farm girl in me.

Landmark Services Cooperative plans to put a total of 1.2 million bushels in the parking lot, likely be the end of the weekend, their spokeswoman told me today.

Iím working on a story about the shortage of grain store in south-central Wisconsin, or rather impact of the incredibly high yields farmers are bringing in from the fields. Either way, itís a good problem, right?

So a couple things about that Evansville pile: Itís not there because of the small fire a couple weeks ago down the road at Landmark. The weather has just been so perfect that the deliveries are nearly nonstop.

The pile will be there the shortest amount of time as possibleóDec. 1 at the latest. While itís pretty to look at, Landmark reminded residents there is no trespassing allowed.

Another neat thing: Today Landmark was loading up a 100-car train thatís sending area corn straight to Mexico.

Watch for ďthe rest of the storyĒ with other fun facts in the paper next week.

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