School features latest barn quilt

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Gina Duwe
Thursday, October 7, 2010

You may be noticing parts of the Rock County Barn Quilt Project popping up around the area. The project now includes Theodore Robinson Intermediate School.

The quilt, in the photo to the right, recently went up on the school—you’ll notice it as you drive up 4th Street. Principal Vicki Lecy-Luebke said she thinks it is the first quilt to be placed on a school.

Retired teacher Bob Bennett paid for the quilt in memory of his wife, Helen. His son, Ron, also is a custodian at the school.

Credit for the construction and mounting of the quilt go to Phil Woodworth, Larry Dobbs, Everett Propst, Greg Wallisch, Tony Kolasch and Murf Luebke.

The Rock County Barn Quilt Project has the following objectives, as Vicki detailed in an e-mail to her staff:

--to promote rural heritage of Rock County

--to educate the public about the art and history of quilting

--to highlight the architecture and history of barns in the county through relevant quilt blocks

--to encourage economic development by promoting ag-tourism and local businesses

--to form youth-adult partnerships to help teach all ages about the project and our heritage

Have you seen other quilts yet? Green County also has a similar project. Also, is the "barn quilt" in this case now considered a "school quilt?"

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