Armadillos! Also, a floral and watering update

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Catherine Idzerda
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here’s what’s on my desk this week: Knautia, snapdragons, bellflower, delphinium, yarrow, Echinacea and hosta.

Got an e-mail from my sister in Birmingham, Ala. Here’s her garden update: “My garden has someone going through it pretty vigorously. We thought it was moles, and I was so mad that the cats were not doing their job. Turns out it’s armadillos - nasty things!”

That’s not something you’ll see in Janesville.

And in other news: The Gazette ran an “It’s been really dry” story in today’s paper. Usually when we run such a story it prompts 12 days of Noah-class rain. Not this time.

So here, again, is the link to the UW-Madison Extension’s watering tips: Water tips

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