Practical watering tips for dry times

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Catherine Idzerda
Monday, June 18, 2012

Blah, its hot.

The Tall Man is indignant about the lack of rainfall. Even the sprinkle we got on Saturday morning annoyed him.

It was only two-tenths of an inch, he said, as though Mother Nature had gone out of her way to insult him personally.

The southeastern part of Wisconsin in listed on the drought monitor as abnormally dry.

I, too, wish it would rain. The general rule of newspaper life is, As soon as you write about how dry its been, it will start raining and not stop until youve been assigned the flooding story.

Were running an its been dry story on Tuesday, so maybe it will start raining.

Heres a link to some excellent information about watering flower and vegetable gardens, courtesy of the UW-Extension: Water tips

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