A peek at my garden and my hidden soul

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Catherine Idzerda
Friday, June 15, 2012

When I was in my early 20s, and thinking about the kind of life I wanted to have, I always envisioned living in a second floor apartment in the building on the corner of two busy city streets. The building would have an elegant turret, full of large windows. Theyd be matched by a series of large windows running down each side of the building.

At night, the windows would glow, their shining yellow light revealing an interior of brick walls, ancient wood flooring and crowded bookcases.

And there would always be fresh flowers, no matter what the season.

Im in my 40s now, and live a 1970s split-level in Fulton Township. Its pleasurably tranquil and decidedly not hip.

I only have fresh flowers in season. But theyre my flowers, grown in my patch of sunlight.

Here are the flowers that accompanied me to work this week. They include two kinds of delphinium, leaves from three different kinds of hosta, yarrow and spiderwort.

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