Emerald ash borer, metaphorically speaking

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Catherine Idzerda
Thursday, June 14, 2012

Iím writing this while waiting for Phyliss Williams of K & W Greenery to call me back. The topic? Emerald ash borer.

EAB is the garlic mustard of the tree world, the Asian carp of the beetle species, the white nose syndrome of the forest.

My co-worker just advised me not to get carried with my metaphors/similes. Then he said, ďItís basically a cancer on the landscape.Ē Yea, that's not overstating it at all.

Hereís what Iím going to ask Phyliss: Is it worth it to hire a professional to apply the EAB insecticide to your trees? How much will it cost?

Does anybody have a lot of ash trees in their yard?

Todayís ad lib: EAB is the (fill in the blank with the appropriate metaphor or simile).

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