Swimming to Madeline Island

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Catherine Idzerda
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Tall Man has done most of the gardening this summer.

That’s partly because he enjoys it, and partly because I’ve spent many of evenings in the pool.

Sometime last November I decided that, after almost two decades of lassitude and increasing fleshiness, I would return to the water. After a few weeks of casual lap swimming, I decided to reach for the marginally impossible: Swimming in the 2.1-mile “Point to Point” race.

The race runs from Bayfield to Madeline Island in Lake Superior, and will be held Aug. 4.

I’m anxious and excited about returning to the water at 46-years-old.
I’m about the size a manatee and can swim as well as one, too. Still, I suspect I’ll feel as vulnerable as one of those lumbering sea cows amid all of the athletes who show up at those sorts of events.

The Tall Man will be at state fair during race weekend. However, he’s been very supportive, breaking into “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” whenever the mood strikes him.

What’s the most out of character thing you’ve ever done? And how did you brace yourself for the moment? I could use the advice.

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