Collaborate response to sprinklers

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Catherine Idzerda
Monday, July 23, 2012

Over the weekend I went to my family reunion. One of my tasks was to hold the sprinkler and terrorize the under-five set.

A fine time was had by all--except for my brother Bill. At 53, he objects to being soaked with cold water. What a baby.

My sister Gerry, brother Bill, and sister-in-law, Johanna, all teach at the elementary level, so you'd think they'd be used to wet underpants.

I returned Monday just in time for a Delavan-Darien School Board meeting. The board approved moving forward with an ambitious five-year plan that includes a dual-language immersion plan.

Love the dual language thing. I'm less happy with the language educators use. It's as though they get a master's degree and suddenly can only communicate like this: "All educators will collaboratively make instructional decisions that are responsive to data and result in improved student achievement."

Translation: Teachers will work together to respond to test scores.

I mean, you wouldn't say, "the cousins will collaboratively make directional decisions that are responsive to water flow conditions and result in maximum hilarity."

But I hesitate to criticize any educator.

First, because the Delavan-Darien District is full of amazing teachers.

Second, because my brother Bill might give me a wedgie.

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