Million dollar rain?

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Catherine Idzerda
Thursday, July 19, 2012

Million dollar rain?

Will the rain save farmers? Not completely, but it helps. The Tall Man declared that it would be good for the third hay cutting, and wonít hurt the soy beans.

The corn? Well, it depends on the field.

The Tall Manís masterís degree was in ruminant nutrition, so we all chew very carefully at our house. It also means he knows more than the average Joe on the street about corn-moisture levels.

He was pleased with the rainís impact on his green bean patch.

How does your garden look? Many people just gave up, declaring it to hot to go outside and tend their tomatoes.

The Tall Man thinks that dealing with the heat shows moral fortitudeónot that he ever puts it quite that way. Itís more that he doesnít believe in complaining.

I believe in complaining in moderation, heat in moderation and the Tall Manís wisdom and advice, in moderation.

Today's ad-lib: My lawn looks like (fill in the blank).

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