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Friday live blog: Snow sculpting in Lake Geneva
The U.S. Nationals Snow Sculpting Competition continues today in Lake Geneva. Work began yesterday in Riviera Park and will continue late in to the night for many teams. The sculpting continues until 11 a.m. Saturday, when judging begins. The awards...
This just in: Have an opinion? Write a letter
Reader Ken Biging of Lake Geneva wonders why we don't have more letters to the editor from readers in Walworth County.I do too.Biging emailed me with this request:
This just in: Beloit police offer home weapons inspections
Do you suspect there's a gun in your house? The Beloit Police Department would like to help you find out.
This just in: Seeing it through
I remember asking Bob Webster Sr. at the first Support Our Troops rally 10 years ago how long he thought the weekly meetings would run.
This just in: Cooperation or gridlock--what's your guess?
Americans love an office pool. In our newsroom, we've been debating which way the winds of Congress will blow after the Republican drubbing of Democrats in the midterm elections of two weeks ago.