Zombie Prom

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Jamie Swenson
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It appears that the undead are ready to party at the library. And why shouldn’t they, I ask you? Zombies are not only fashion-conscious, but they are exceptional dancers (remember “Thriller” – those zombies sure could dance).

And, from what I understand, Zombies have a political voice, too. I heard that they were marching in the Occupy Movement (well, not marching so much as dragging … but still … you gotta give zombies credit for educating themselves and voicing their opinions).

Yup, zombies are everywhere.

So I ask you, why shouldn’t zombies take over the library and hold their own after-hours prom? I’ve even been asked to chaperone – and once I figure out a way to protect my brain from the zombie horde – I will figure out what I’m wearing. (I realize that I’ve just set myself up for all the “you should be safe” jokes).

After talking to some of the teens involved, I understand that there will be a zombie deejay, zombie refreshments (ewww… I think I’ll eat before I come, thanks), costumes, photos, king and queen contest, and of course, any number of zombie activities. What would those be anyway? Look for Joe’s missing hand? Zombie races? Brain eating?

Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to chaperone.


Zombie Prom (registration required by April 11)

Date: Friday, April 13th

Place: Hedberg Public Library

Time: 7 – 10 p.m.

Call: 758-6585 to register.

For teens in grades 6 – 12. No walk ins. (Hee hee, no drag ins either … you must preregister for this one)


Happy Reading.

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