Banned Words from 2011

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Jamie Swenson
Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Each year Lake Superior State University in Michigan creates a list of words they would like banned for the coming year. Here’s their list for words from 2011 to be banned in 2012 … go ahead, say these words now to your family, friends, and co-workers … and then henceforth never let them pass your lips …

1. "Occupy." I agree. Can we all just go back to protesting and quit occupying everything?

2. "Amazing." Not sure about this one. After all, isn't the world like super amazing?

3. "Trickeration."
Huh. This one must not be popular in the library world yet. The person I shamelessly took this list from said it's a sports term for a tricky play. I'm already sick of the word, so I agree.

4. "Man cave." Disagree. I believe men should have caves full of stuff that their significant others do not want in the living room. I’m all for man caves.

5. "Ginormous."
I have to agree ... it was a cute word to start when little kids said it ... but now, it's ginormously overused.

6. "The new normal." As opposed to the old normal? I hear this one on the news a lot when they're talking about how sad it is that everyone has to start paying attention to the actual amount of money they make before buying a ginormous pile of stuff. I guess I can agree with this one.

7. "Thank you in advance." Do you hear this a lot? I don't. In fact, I don't hear many ‘thank yous’ at all ... so why ban this phrase? Maybe if the person doesn't thank you in advance, they won't remember to thank you at all ... ???

8. "Win the future." I'm guessing that we will all be very sick of this particular phrase by Nov. 2012 ... yes, let's ban it along with all those who may be tempted to use it ...

So, do you agree? What would you add? Happy Reading - (and speaking)

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