Favorite Halloween Costumes

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Jamie Swenson
Thursday, October 13, 2011

I canít help it - yes I know - Iím well past the trick-or-treating demographic (heck, so are my kids) -- but I LOVE dressing up for Halloween. Always have. Always will. I just canít help it. Seriously. My favorites from childhood (that I recall): yellow crayon, gypsy, witch (I went as a witch for numerous years), and of course, dead prom chick (that was in college).

So, this year Iím hosting the Library Explorers program at the Hedberg Public Library on Halloween from 3:30-4:30 p.m. so I absolutely NEED a cool costume. While, Iím aware of the fact that witches get a bad rap on Halloween (but why??? Itís HALLOWEEN for pityís sake!) - I am tempted to wear my most-awesome witch costume. Itís fabulous (it really is!). Itís not the scary-type - itís just fun. So, at the moment, thatís the front-runner.

I understand that some folks get up-in-arms about Halloween - but for me - the day has always been about celebrating imagination and having a bit of fun pretending to be someone/something that youíre not. (Although, some might argue that the witch costume is not too much of a stretch for me Ö but I digressÖ)


The Explorers program is aimed at school-aged kids (K-5th grade). On the 31st weíll play some Halloween games such as Snap Apple, Ghostly Hula-hoop, and probably Zombie Dance Freeze, because itís funny. Weíll make a craft and then Iíll tell some ghost stories (from least to most scary - kids can opt out at any moment if the grisly tales get too gruesome). Kid should DEFINITELY wear their costumes! No registration required. Oct. 31st from 3:30-4:30 p.m. (weíll get done in plenty of time to get the little goblins out trick-or-treating).

So - any great Halloween costumes you remember from your childhood? How about not so great ones? I seem to remember a really awful Wonder Woman costume with one of those terrible plastic masks with the tiny, rectangular eye and mouth slits. Yuck. Those things were awful.

Happy Haunting (and Reading) Jamie

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