Top Costumes 2011

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Jamie Swenson
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We had a record number of trick-or-treaters last night --- between 60-75, I would say … I never know exactly because I suspect some of the candy doesn’t make it to the trick-or-treat bags!

I always find it interesting to see what types of costumes are most popular (totally unscientific - based only on the kids coming to my doorstep).

Top Costumes 2011

Princess / Fabulous Witch - too many to count

Ninjas - the streets were safe last night due to the numerous girl and boy ninjas I saw - too many to count

Army Guy (no girls) in camo gear - I saw 6 - but one kid might not have been dressed up - he might just have been wearing camo pants. I know they were Army/armed forces because they had the little G.I. Joe hats and military weapons -- not hunters w/ orange etc …

Pretty Girlie Bumblebee - we had at least 4 of these glamorous bees

Vampires - girls and boys. Some of these were Twilight types - but most were classic Dracula (yay!)

Werewolf - we saw at least 4 werewolves last night … the scary type - not the Twilight varieties that seem so popular at the moment …

Football Player - 1 Craig, 1 Packer, 1 Bear

Literary Tie-in - I saw Harry Potter, various Hogwarts students, Dorothy, Girl Robin Hood, Thing One and Thing Two carrying a teeny-tiny Cat in the Hat, and the Queen of Hearts

Super Hero - it was a bad year for super heroes - I only saw two - Spiderman and Batman - where were the Captain Americas, Thors, and Supermen? And not one female superhero … Wonder Woman? Electra?

Psycho Maniacs - pleased to report that I only saw one Jason this year … and no Freddy or Michael Myers - these are the creepiest and least favorite in my opinion … yikes

Zombies - it’s true - the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. While I didn’t see anyone who was just a zombie - I saw Zombie Princesses, Army guys, Vampires … oh the horrors!

Classic Monsters - no Frankenstein’s Monster, no mummies, no ghosts, no Creatures from the Deep …

Real Life Heroes - other than the military personnel, I didn’t see any firefighters or police officers. I did see one doctor.

Not Wearing a Costume - usually I see a group or two of teens sans costume just wanting the candy ... I didn't see that this year. I did see some kids I know are in high school -- but because they were wearing awesome costumes - they got the candy. I'm willing to hand out candy to any kid/teen who takes the time to put on an actual costume.

So, did you see anything out of the ordinary? Anything creative? What was the most popular costume in your neck of the woods?

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