The snow looks so nice -- through the window

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Ann Marie Ames
Saturday, January 21, 2012

I can't think of any better wintertime view than sitting at my sunny kitchen table with a good cup of coffee looking at the pretty snow -- and the neatly shoveled driveway -- out the window.

That's what I was thinking first thing this morning. Then the folks across the street got up and started shoveling. Even better. Here I am in my jammies eating homemade toast while they toil away across the street. Smuggy McSmuggerson, I am.

Before you start thinking I am a huge jerk, I'll tell you that my boyfriend and I toiled away in our own driveway last night. While we were at it, we shoveled the next-door neighbor's driveway, too. Not because we are nice, particularly. (We're not.) But because our shovel is broken, and we have been borrowing his shovels all winter.

We also shoveled for him because he's the only adult in the house. Fact: It's the loneliness of clearing the driveway, not the weight of the snow, that makes the chore so dreadful. The two of us got the two driveways cleared in no time, and today I can look smugly out the window.

As much as I like admiring the snow from indoors, I am looking forward to playing in it this afternoon. The always cheerful Dan Lassiter and I are going to drive around Janesville talking to people who are playing outdoors. We'll look for skiers, fort builders, shovelers and snowmobilers. And sledders, of course. I'm trying to talk Dan into going to the sledding hill at Lustig Park, (south side, represent!) but he's thinking Riverside Park. Either way, I am going to try to talk some kids into letting me borrow their sleds.

I think today's weather is absolutely perfect for winter. Sunny and cold but not so cold it hurts. If it stayed like this until March, I'd be happy.

Where will you be out playing today?

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