Loose change

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Ann Marie Ames
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hardly a day goes by without a burglary report.

Gazette reporters are at the Janesville Police Department 12 times a week and at the Rock County Sheriff's Office five times a week to read reports. We're almost guaranteed to read about a burglary or attempted burglary during any given trip.

One thing that always makes me cringe are the reported thefts of change jars. People love saving change in jars for vacations or whatever. Granted, it's an easy way to save a surprising amount of money.

Unfortunately, it's an easy way for a burglar to walk off with hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. You can store up a lot of change in a five-gallon plastic jug, which is one receptacle I read about in a burglary report this week.

I used to be a change-saver, but I don't do it anymore. I have maybe a few bucks worth of loose change in a jar in an attempt to keep the dresser tidy. I have no plans for it other than math practice for the kiddos.

Are you hoarding loose change? Does anyone use a more secure method of saving pennies?

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