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Ann Marie Ames
Monday, December 12, 2011

Man, I hate the first blog.

It looms blankly overhead for days. You know youíve got to write it, but you just canít possibly think of anything witty enough to set the bar for what you hope will be a useful, well read blog.

In the meantime, the ideas for second and third blogs waft in and out of your mind.

After I spent a few days trying to think how to impress you, the GazetteXtra reader, I realized you donít need to be impressed. You know what a good cops and courts blog looks like, because you used to read reporter Ted Sullivanís blog.

You donít need to get to know me, because you know I used to blog about agricultural and environmental issues in Rock County. In August, my job shifted from covering local governments and agriculture to the cops and courts beat.

For a day or two, we considered an interim farm crime blog. I probably missed a great opportunity there.

The purpose of a cops and courts beat in any newspaper is to report about public safety. As I work on news stories, I will put some leftover information or thoughts here in this blog. I welcome your input and feedback.

Thanks for reading.

(Whew! Checking first blog off list.)

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