The Sandwich Generation

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Brenda Schultz
Friday, May 27, 2011

Are you a part of the “sandwich generation”? Caring for young children as well as aging or ill parents?

My sister and I are getting there. As we contemplate mom making that transition into assisted living we juggle work, school for the kids, shopping for everyone, and keeping kids and husband fed and clean. How to add in the time that mom needs and deserves, especially when she’s so far away? Because my sister is in a warmer climate than I am, we’re heading into the work that goes into moving mom closer to her; the downsizing, house sale, cleaning, and financial preparation that goes into such a big transition. My sister’s kids are bit older and more independent than mine at almost 12, and 10, and can actually be a help. My child, at 3, is still a bit more dependent and not quite ready to help, but, she brings joy and laughter to her aging grandparents.

We all have to decide what we’re capable of, but it’s hard not to feel pulled in many different directions since women are more often the caretakers for young children and older parents. And how do women do it who have children with special needs, or who are single parents? How do you do it all?

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