Big Blue Marble

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Brenda Schultz
Friday, May 6, 2011

“Did you know that ‘octopuses’ have three hearts, Papa?” “Possums are awake at night, aren’t they mama?” “Can we go dig for worms?” “Clown fish have this stuff on them that protects them from the ‘amonees’, right mama?” “What is ‘baleen’ again? Why do whales have them?”

My daughter is currently a candidate for “animal trivial pursuit”, particularly ocean animals. She remembers nearly everything we read about them, and constantly asks questions and spouts out little tidbits of information. She loves to find bird’s nests, and eggs that have unfortunately dropped to the ground; she’s a rock hound, and she loves to try to creep up on geese and rabbits (but, of course, they always run away). In summary, she’s a nature girl.

I’ve been reading new and old books lately about caring for the environment. It’s an interest for me and I’m trying to better educate myself about caring for God’s creation, and some of the mistakes we have made. As Genesis states, God gave man the job of caring for the animals of the air, land, and sea, and to till and care for the land. We’ve gone a long way away from that and I wonder sometimes if my daughter will see more animals become extinct in her lifetime. Will she experience a “Silent Spring”? (As is the title of Rachel Carson’s book about the long, and short-term effects of man-made chemicals). A little thing like no longer using a dryer and converting strictly to clotheslines (even in Wisconsin winters it’s do-able, with an indoor clothesline, perhaps in the basement) can make a significant difference in the health of our planet.

What we don’t know, and don’t see would probably shock us all, but we go blindly on this easier path of ‘beating nature into submission’ (paraphrase of a quote by E.B. White). This “Big Blue Marble” of ours (my favorite early Sunday morning television show as a kid) is a gift that we’ve somewhat taken for granted.

What do you think about environmentalism? What do you teach your children about caring for planet Earth? What are some little ways that you try to make Earth a healthier place?

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