Another princess

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Laura Feit
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My daughter went to her first Daddy Daughter Princess Ball on Friday. She was over the moon about it from the minute she brought the invite home from school. There was no way my husband was getting out of this one.

As the big day neared, I realized that Friday was also the student clean up day at a park near the school perfect timing. There was no way Id be able to work until 5, pick her up from day care get her cleaned up and ready for a Princess Ball that starts at 5:30pm. And like I told my boss, my husband doesnt know the first thing about preparing a 5 year old girl for her first official Dance. So I took a half day of vacation and basically lost my mind.

First stop the florist, she needed tea roses for her hair, I was an easy up-sell on the little sparkly crystals that decorate corsages (boy have those changed since I went to prom). Off to the drug store for miniature press-on nails to match her dress. A quick car wash didnt want to get her dress dirty. Fly out to the school, rush back to the house for the quickest bath and BOY did she need it after cleaning up trash all day.

Zip out to the salon to get her hair done. Where the worlds best Grandma shows up with her new camera and takes pictures of the whole process while Im sticking her new nails on. At one point I remember thinking, Im losing it- shes FIVE! Did I mention we spent an hour on the computer the night before looking at fancy hair dos for little girls? Or the numerous discussions we had over which dress she was going to wear? I liked the pink and cream she liked the blue polka-dot.

My daughter loved every minute of it, I loved every minute of it, and my son did a great job of putting up with both of us. I always thought those moms that put their daughters in pageants were nuts, I still do, but I definitely have a better understanding of how they get sucked into it.

I think my daughter is beautiful after playing in puddles all day, but she looked like princess by the time she left for the dance with her dad, they both had a great time. I found out later that many moms went to the dance to take pictures. Going never crossed my mind, I figured this is their night together; my part is over although I might be tempted to check it out next year.

Besides, my son and I had our own evening out planned which was fun in a whole different way. The only thing that bothers me is this, if I was this much of a freak over an elementary school dance, what will it be like for prom or her wedding? Well, maybe shell elope.

Do you get geeked over big events for your children or do you keep it low key?

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