The last day

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Laura Feit
Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few thoughts on the last day of school and summer:

Iím just as excited as they are. Itís the LAST day of school. I remember the anticipation and excitement of looking forward to days and days of well, NO SCHOOL. As a parent, it means the routine is definitely more relaxed as far as homework, bedtimes, and activities go.

Iím thinking of ways to keep the summer slide from happening Ė we usually pick up workbooks and the kids work on a page or 2 each night in addition to reading new books. Summer school doesnít work well for working parents as far as scheduling goes. How do you handle combat the summer slide?

And finally, please check to make sure that your kidsí bike helmets fit and are in good condition. My son had a BIG fall off of his bike on Monday night and even with his helmet on got quite a concussion. Despite the long night in the ER and his complaints of not being able to participate in Olympic Day today, I hate to think what wouldíve happened if I wasn't so adamant about wearing helmets.

Summer vacation and kidsĖ do you love it or is it a big pain in the neck for you?

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