"Tell Me A Story....."

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Brenda Schultz
Friday, April 22, 2011

Our days are filled from sunup to sundown with a whirlwind of stories, a plethora of words, and it is a joy to see my 3 year old daughter latch on to certain special ones. In the process, she’s figuring out who she is, and what she wants to be. We pass on to her stories of when we were children and these become a part of her own history, a part of who she is, and from whence she came. We read some books a hundred times or more as she soaks up the meaning of the words and the experience of the event described.

The way in which she experiences these stories will change as she grows older. The words will be exactly the same, but the feelings that story evokes will change over time. To some, the Easter story brings about negative emotions; to some it is a positive experience that grows each year. Our understanding of certain events in this story changes as our life experiences add color and emotion to the words on the page in new ways.

Whether you believe in the story of Jesus and the resurrection or not, the idea of such personal sacrifice is a powerful one; the idea of giving one’s life to cover the mistakes and sins of others is one that evokes strong emotions. The words of this story in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John don’t change, but the feelings, thoughts, and emotional impact to each individual changes over time. For some, it is something to reject. For others, it is something to embrace.

What memories do you have of the Easter story’s impact and how that has changed for you over the years? What memories do you have of passing on this, and other significant stories, to your own children?

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