Striking a balance

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Brenda Schultz
Friday, April 8, 2011

We started out the morning early by making two loaves of bread from scratch…she loves to knead the dough (instant play-dough!). We went on to a play date…a nice time of visiting for both mothers and daughters. Back at home after lunch, we sat under a large blanket covering two dining room chairs and an art easel munching orange carrots and talking about the purple carrots we would grow this summer in our backyard garden. Later, I made up scenarios of “what that song reminds me of” as we listened to our Suzuki violin CD on the way to violin lessons (her favorite music game at the moment). Still later, while watching our after dinner video, we talked about the animals in one of our BBC Planet Earth DVD’s. At bath time we made up new versions of the ABC song. After bath we picked out our favorite books and snuggled in for 30 minutes of reading before bed. We said our prayers, out went the lights, and I began to clean up the kitchen and finish the laundry.

So goes a typical day for the wife and daughter of a pastor. He often has 12 hour days and, because of that, so do I. I’m grateful that I can stay at home with our daughter…that was our plan all along. I know in today’s economy I am not the only mom who feels a bit stretched at times with a spouse’s long work hours. I can remember my own father working one full-time job, and one part-time job for quite a while…and my mother worked as well. For us, though, there isn’t any family close by for that occasional break.

The time my daughter and I have together is irreplaceable, fostering a close bond between us and many, many memories for later in life. It can be tricky at times to create a balance of great interactions between us, plus some grown-up time for myself. Uninterrupted time with one’s spouse becomes a priceless rarity.

How do other stay-at-home moms with husbands who work long hours balance their many roles and still maintain their own identity?

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