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Laura Feit
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My kids love to watch television. Actually, I enjoy watching a ďfill in the blankĒ marathon all day if Iím sick, but Iím not an Appointment Television Show watcher. Donít ask me who got kicked off the latest reality program Ė donít have a clue.

Now, Iíll admit to plopping my little ones in front of Sesame Street during frantic mornings getting ready for work plus all their stuff together for daycare when one was a toddler and the other baby. Iím even guilty of letting them watch a little extra if I have work to do at night and I just donít want to argue about what else they can do. But, in general I limit how much time they spend with the television.

My kids are constantly asking to have a television in their bedrooms Ė a flat screen no less! I didnít have a television in my bedroom until I was in my 20ís. I just donít see the point of a television in a childís bedroom. Why would they play with Legoís, baby dolls, read a book, or sleep if they can flip on the television?

We also have quite a few TV-FREE nights. We do homework, read, play games - and now that itís light past 5pm- take walks, play basketball, goof off outside. Of course there is an initial ďAwww mom, why can we just watch TV?Ē when they find itís a TV Free night, but they get over it or go to their room and sulk. Excessive sulking results in even less TV time by the way.

While weíll laugh and eat popcorn on a TV night the REALLY fun nights are spent over a cut throat game of UNO that will have my daughter laughing on the floor after she tricks me into thinking sheís got a blue card when itís actually red and she wins the game.

Iím not anti-television but I donít think it should be the number 1 activity or constant go-to babysitter. How do you handle the television time with your kiddos?

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