Michael Gerson: Trump plunges into ideological psychosis
Given even the lowest expectations, Donald Trump still has the capacity to surprise. Read more >>
Published: Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016
Michael Gerson: GOP leaders’ sad surrender to Trump
The largest political choice Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio have made this year will be one of the worst mistakes of their careers. Read more >>
Published: Monday, May 30, 2016
Michael Gerson: The Trump train is fueled by conspiracy
Donald Trump has succeeded by appealing to stereotypes and ugly hatreds that most American leaders have struggled to repress and contain. Read more >>
Published: Monday, May 23, 2016
Michael Gerson: GOP lunacy in high places
The great Republican crackup over Donald Trump has begun. Read more >>
Published: Monday, May 9, 2016
Michael Gerson: Trump, Palin a perfect match of politics at war with reason
Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump was entirely devoid of policy content—a speech that did not even aspire to shallowness. Read more >>
Published: Thursday, Jan 21, 2016
Michael Gerson: We’re in golden age of international aid
A number of remarkably effective institutions to fight poverty and disease have been created that most Americans probably have never heard of. Read more >>
Published: Monday, Sep 28, 2015
Michael Gerson: GOP must overcome wreckage of Summer of Trump
Trump's damage is not merely an intellectually hollow campaign driven by the resentment of foreigners; it is the suspension of an essential GOP reform process. Read more >>
Published: Thursday, Sep 17, 2015
Michael Gerson: Hunting for a miracle on global warming
If scientists are right about the pace of global warming, we don't have feasible policy responses that are adequate to the need, even if we had far greater political will. Read more >>
Published: Thursday, Aug 13, 2015
Michael Gerson: Help Donald Trump marginalize himself
Donald Trump will flame out. And since he is constitutionally incapable of accepting fault, he will blame the GOP for arson. Read more >>
Published: Tuesday, Aug 11, 2015
Michael Gerson: Rick Perry, former Texas governor, emerging as responsible Republican voice
Perry has done more than expose Trump. After last month's church shooting in South Carolina, he delivered the best and bravest Republican speech of the campaign. Read more >>
Published: Monday, Jul 20, 2015
Michael Gerson: A campaign of bombast and ridicule
Imagine losing Ohio Gov. John Kasich to make a debate seat for Donald Trump. It would undermine GOP deliberations for choosing the party's most visible leader. Read more >>
Published: Thursday, Jun 18, 2015
Michael Gerson: Corporate irresponsibility over GMOs
Chipotle, Whole Foods and those who follow their example are doing real social harm. They are polluting public discourse on scientific matters. Read more >>
Published: Thursday, May 14, 2015
Michael Gerson: Rand Paul’s grand deception
Sen. Rand Paul has gone from paranoia to platitudes. Read more >>
Published: Thursday, Apr 9, 2015
Michael Gerson: Getting Africa’s health systems to be self-reliant
In Africa, 10 years after a massive American scale-up of global health programs, success is properly measured in the millions of lives saved. Read more >>
Published: Monday, Mar 2, 2015
Michael Gerson: Life’s greatest gift, a newborn baby, can prove fragile
Vaccines and other high-impact interventions is dramatically reducing child mortality. But newborn and maternal mortality rates in Tanzania remain stubbornly high. Read more >>
Published: Monday, Feb 23, 2015