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The arrest of a former Janesville priest over sexual assault allegations was disappointing but hardly a shock given the legion of similar scandals afflicting the Catholic Church. The real surprise came from the Diocese of Madison's about-face regarding its knowledge of a 2009 incident--unrelated to the arrest--at the priest's Janesville home. It was an inexcusable gaffe in this era of heightened sensitivity toward sexual misconduct.

Wisconsin has spent a lot of time in mourning this year, judging by how often the flag has flown at half staff. Gov. Scott Walker and President Donald Trump have ordered lowering the Stars and Stripes a combined 14 times so far this year, compared to only eight times at this point last year.

To hiring local to build Foxconn. With nearly $3 billion of taxpayer funds tied to the Foxconn project in Racine County, it’s only fair that Foxconn hire as many Wisconsin companies as possible to build the campus. Many local contractors are hoping to get jobs there, and some of them attende…