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  • By Arthur I. Cyr
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“The fruits of decades of effort … to build bilateral trust,” is how Dan Kritenbrink, U.S. ambassador to Vietnam, described the dramatic visit of our aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson to that country. The magnificent U.S. Navy vessel is on a mission of peace, serving as a symbol of steadi…

  • By Janis Ringhand
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In a guest column Saturday (“Dark store issue is really about higher taxes”), Scott Manley, lead corporate lobbyist for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, defended the dark store property tax loophole that allows big-box stores to shift millions of dollars in property taxes onto local h…

  • By Froma Harrop
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I write you from the infusion room at a community hospital. I’m here not as a patient but as a driver and companion of an elderly friend being treated for cancer. Right now, he’s attached to a chemo bag and snoozing. Let me share some observations.

  • By Paula Moore
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I grew up with two black cats named Candy and Coco (never let children name animals). They were just little balls of fluff when my parents and I spotted them at the local animal shelter. Candy was sitting shyly in the back of the cage—in the litterbox, to be exact. Coco, on the other hand, w…

  • By John H. Jackson
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A few months before the tragic shooting of 17 students and educators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., the young gunman attended his mother’s funeral and was asked if he was upset.

The most noteworthy event in the film industry in the past year was not a film, a performance or a box-office record. It was the raft of claims against one of the most powerful moguls in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, who was accused by dozens of actresses and other women of raping them, gropi…

  • By Dan Ludois and Cecil Edirisinghe
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More than a century ago, Wisconsin served as the birthplace for a series of blue chip industrial giants. The likes of Harley-Davidson and Johnson Controls, or engine makers like Fairbanks Morse and Briggs & Stratton, were the bold startups of the day.

One in five Americans is on Medicaid, and Medicare and Social Security will require huge future tax increases. Yet some in the ostensible party of limited government think this is the perfect time to add a new entitlement for paid family leave. Who wrote that book about Republican Party suic…

  • Ralph Knudson
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When I was a kid in the 1950s, my parents’ health insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, was nonprofit. Everybody chipped in money to help pay for the unlucky few who might need expensive medical care. It was a way that grown-ups worked together to take care of each other. We all took care of ea…

  • By Kiki Monifa
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For 10 years, I produced ethnic heritage month celebrations for the television station I worked at in San Francisco, starting each February with Black History Month. I remember that many white folks at the station (I’m African American) questioned the need. Some even asked why there wasn’t a…

  • By Auden Schendler
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At a cross-country ski area outside of Carbondale, Colorado, the thin track was recently refreshed with a meager two inches of snow. Yet people were out in droves, delighting in all manner of snow sliding. It was a hot January day, so blistering that a local rancher called it beautiful “for April.”

  • By Bill Lueders
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Recently, in my role at The Progressive magazine, I edited a column written by a woman who just lost her job at Carrier Corporation in Indianapolis. She recalled going out in the rain to vote for Donald Trump, based on his public promise to save these jobs, and now feels betrayed.

You’ve heard the phrase over and over again: “This isn’t normal.” We’ve heard it about President Trump’s rhetoric, and his Twitter usage. We’ve heard it about his attacks on the media, and we’ve heard it about his legislative ignorance. We’ve heard it about his running commentary on the Muel…

Pick any of the serious infectious-disease outbreaks of recent years, and the chances are it started in one country and spread to others. The swine flu pandemic began in Mexico and soon swept into the United States; severe acute respiratory syndrome began in southern China and soon was in do…