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Your Views: Did water woes from climate change inflame Syrian tensions?
All those factions lived side-by-side for many years without war, as long as there was enough water.
Your Views: Should we deport Mexicans and honeybees?
If you’re prepared to hand-pollinate and pay $10 for an apple, we don’t need illegal bees and illegal immigrants.
Your Views: Delay on disability claim frustrates longtime worker
I was informed after a lengthy interview at the Social Security office that I will hear the decision of my worthiness of receiving “my money” in 180 days.
Your Views: City of Janesville works to upgrade residential neighborhoods
I wanted to share the approach the city takes to stabilize and revitalize Janesville’s residential neighborhoods. We focus our efforts on six primary areas.
Your Views: Performance reviews are standard in real world
This must have been called in by a teacher because in my world it is called a performance review.
Your Views: Why arrest someone who saved others from harm?
What the heck is wrong with our legal system that we’ve stooped so low as to arrest a person who probably saved people from harm?
Your Views: Here’s private school solution in WIAA football playoffs
The simplest way to classify private schools is to multiply their enrollment by 1.33. Then place them in the appropriate division.
Your Views: Janesville School District must provide more answers
Enough time has passed. It is called full disclosure. Teachers are expected to be accountable, so should Superintendent Karen Schulte.
Your Views: Letting Native Americans hunt at night isn’t sporting
Will allowing Native Americans to hunt at night be sporting, temporarily blinding an animal and then slaughtering it because it has no chance to escape?
Your Views: Proposed Milton school spending is spree taxpayers can’t afford
People in the school district will be getting a survey about this. I urge them to fill out this survey and say “no” to every one of these survey questions.