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Your Views: School requirement concerns Janesville mother of autistic child
Her principal tell us that due to legality reasons, she has to be in school full time. ... I believe that I have the right and the last word on what is good for my daughter.
Your Views: Why can’t college grads refinance student loans?
Experts say education is an economic engine. That engine stalls nearly to a halt by student loan debt.
Your Views: How can state DNR afford to help fund shooting range?
Is this the same Wisconsin DNR that is laying off top scientists, exploring whether to sell park naming rights and raising camping fees because of budget cuts?
Your Thanks: Home Health United appreciates volunteers
In 2014, our hospice volunteers made more than 1,000 visits to patients, providing nearly 3,000 hours of care and support!
Your Views: Let’s not trust Wisconsin's wolves to Walker administration
The state does not have the science within the DNR to even begin to handle a complex apex predator such as the wolf.
Your Views: Vietnam protesters only served to extend war
Those students didn’t protest the war because they thought it was wrong. They protested it because they didn’t want to serve.
Your Views: Article on Fern McCoy didn't seem like honor
I thought honoring was to thank someone for their service, not telling all the things that some people thought were wrong.
Your Views: Reforms will change reproductive rights
The evolution of women's reproductive rights with no accompanying responsibilities won't last much longer, despite all of its highly charged politics.
Your Views: Americans must express concern about drone attacks
How many innocent people are going to be killed by our CIA? “They” are doing this in your name. We are a moral country and know right from wrong.
Your Views: State should reconsider its previous mining law
It seems that this new law must be studied and compared with the original law before we can call this case closed.