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Your Views: Get an inside look at what KANDU offers those with disabilities
It’s much more than just a job! KANDU is very closely monitored. ... No one is “getting rich by using disabled people to work the system.”
Your Views: Show police some respect if you want their respect
Police officers are people just like you and me. Except they have a little more authority than the rest of us.
Your Views: Research shows vouchers benefit education of all
Witte's research shows that public schools are improving as a result of the competitive effect of parents having choices as to where to send their children.
Your Views: Alcohol, drug abuse at root of America’s violence
Alcohol is where the problem is. Instead of solving a problem, you are creating a new problem by drinking.
Your views: Combat firearms violence by targeting gun sellers
We are all responsible for letting gun violence continue, writes Jane De Soto of Beloit.
Your views: Series of articles renewed memories
Frances Utzig of Milton offers kudos for a Gazette series focusing on the stories that put Janesville on the map.
Your views: Walker deserves no credit for student test scores
Scott Walker's “educational reforms” have nothing to do with students' excellent ACT scores, writes Bill Bessire of Sun Prairie, formerly of Janesville.
Your views: Look for options to house homeless
Lawrence Korn of Beloit has some ideas for how to pay for housing the homeless.
Your views: Trump should focus efforts on business
Leon K. Freeburg of Janesville gets the impression that Donald Trump feels it is OK to call anyone who disagrees with him a dope or a loser.
Your views: Bigger stop signs would improve safety
Standard stop signs are only 30-inch octagons. People drive through them regularly without even noticing them, writes Nathan Wu of Janesville.