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Your Views: Be there for each other in good times and bad
I believe in celebrating the good times and being there for each other during the bad. Nobody said it’s none of my business during the bad times.
Your Views: Thank our farmers for healthy ag practices
The use of antibiotics in livestock is much less than it was 30 years ago.
Your Views: President’s power grab on immigration is disgraceful
No president has attempted anything remotely like what Obama did without the consent of Congress.
Your Thanks: On Thanksgiving, most of us have much to appreciate
There are those who are homeless this Thanksgiving who would be thankful to have shelter, food and warm beds.
Your Views: Focus on animal antibiotics wise for Thanksgiving week
Overuse of antibiotics on food animals—where more than 70 percent of antibiotics are used—is a major factor in bacteria developing a resistance to the drugs.
Your Thanks: Turkey Trot in Janesville helps fill ECHO’s client needs
The event was a great success, welcoming more than 144 participants on a very cold day and raising much-needed funds for ECHO’s programs.
Your Thanks: Blood drive in Elkhorn sets record for donations
Special thanks to the Walworth County Human Resource Association and its members, who helped set a record for the amount of blood collected during a single drive.
Your Thanks: Breakfast benefits IDS, Rotary Gardens
"The event raised about $3,000 that will be used to support programs and services at IDS and Rotary Gardens."
Your Views: Let lawmakers know you support 'Death with Dignity'
The "Death With Dignity" act and Compassion & Choices charity would benefit Wisconsin residents.
Your Views: What Shay doesn’t say about Internet sales tax
The cost of integrating that “free” software with an e-retailer’s existing software could be enormous—too much for many small e-retailers to afford.