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Your Views: Deb Kolste’s work shows why support was well-deserved
These past two years, Kolste has worked diligently toward her commitment to represent all of her constituents.
Your Views: Janesville community must do more to help the homeless
As a community, we need to look at the bigger picture of homelessness and break the stereotype of the homeless being drunks and drug users.
Your Views: What do we really know about Mary Burke?
I know she was with Jim Doyle when the state went way in debt, and that recently it is indicated her jobs plan was plagiarized.
Your Views: Report debunks distortions of deficit in state budget
The report, using supportable numbers, as opposed to Rep. Shilling’s deliberately biased numbers, shows Wisconsin doesn’t have a looming fiscal crisis.
Your Views: Transgender issue raises many questions for schools
Would a girl who thinks she is a boy feel comfortable standing naked in front of naked boys in the boys shower room?
Your Views: Janesville YMCA’s use of tanning beds goes against its mission
The YMCA is a family facility, and introducing young children to this toxic practice is a serious mistake.
Your Views: Candidate explains value of state treasurer’s office
Eliminating this office will not reduce the size of our state government as some claim—it will reduce checks and balances.
Your Views: Solar energy proposal is unfair to producers
I will never make enough money to pay for my investment. And this doesn’t even consider the environmental benefits from producing solar electricity.
Your Views: Sunset on streets funding was wise referendum idea
Knowing the proposed program is not open-ended should make voters much more prone to vote in favor of a solid proposal.
Your Views: Will Hillary Clinton bring nation matriarchy in 2016?
Note that the first issue of Ms. magazine featured a “Wonder Woman for President” cover with drawing of Wonder Woman.