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Your Views: Gazette’s coverage of violence was skewed
I agree with Sara Hilliger (Tuesday, Your Views) that the coverage of the Charlottesville, Va., tragedy was skewed in subtle ways.
Your Views: Gazette downplayed violent acts of white supremacists
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Your Views: Media ignoring scandal involving former DNC chair
Your Views: Appreciated story about nuns’ good deeds
Your Views: Disappointed in lack of Relay for Life coverage
Your Views: Defendant may be suffering from CTE
As Jeff McKenzie’s parents, we are sincerely requesting and hoping that your newspaper staff will allow us to relay our side of Jeffrey’s story in regard to the incident which resulted in a mistrial last week in Walworth County Court.
Your Views: Where are today’s environmental leaders?
Your Views: Writer has no business trying to diagnose Trump
My initial reaction to Ron Beckman’s letter to the editor Thursday about “Trump’s behavior” was laughter.
Your Views: Wisconsin prospering under GOP leadership