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Every morning, it seems, President Donald Trump’s most determined opponents awake to find out what sort of obnoxious, fact-challenged, puerile, norm breaking thing he has offered that day and say to themselves: “Oh, that’s nothing. We can do something dumber than that!”

President Trump and the Republican leadership have made clear that they have no intention of repairing our chaotic immigration system. Why not? Because illegal immigration is a problem that bothers most Americans. Fix it and all these politicians have are tax cuts for the rich, environmental…

  • By Cory Franklin
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Almost two thousand years ago, in a moment of critical decision, Pliny the Elder, who had the distinction of being both a philosopher and a military commander in the early Roman Empire, observed that, “Fortune favors the bold.” He meant that one should recognize the opportunities posed by pr…

  • By Connie Schultz
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This week marked the beginning of the spring semester at Kent State, where I teach journalism as a professional in residence. One of the rituals of the first day of class is to go over the syllabus, which, because of required language, reads like a last will and testament.

  • By Steven Walters
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What one senator calls local governments across Wisconsin—ranging from the Village of Tigerton (population 716) to Milwaukee County (population 957,735)—“rushing” to levy wheel taxes could still set off fireworks in the Legislature.