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  • By Steven Walters
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What one senator calls local governments across Wisconsin—ranging from the Village of Tigerton (population 716) to Milwaukee County (population 957,735)—“rushing” to levy wheel taxes could still set off fireworks in the Legislature.

The state is making a big push to lure Illinois millennials, and Janesville is creating the kind of amenities millennials want. Janesville is well positioned to capture its share of the Illinois migration so long as city leaders continue to make downtown revitalization a top priority.

  • By Arthur I. Cyr
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The New Year has begun without a bang, at least of the nuclear weapons variety. We can all be thankful the apocalyptic bluster from the leader of North Korea has continued to be just that, with no indication of using this fearsome new weapons capability.

The wealthiest Americans nearly doubled their share of national income since 1980--from 11 percent to 20 percent. The rest of America hasn’t seen a decent raise since 1980, so inequality is soaring. Look at the stock market, where investors are raking in enormous profits. Does it look like t…