Man accused of shooting thief released from jail

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staff, Gazette
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

— A town of Beloit man accused of shooting a suspected thief has been released from jail while authorities investigate a potential self-defense claim.

Jacob Davenport, 31, of 1973 Shore Drive, Beloit, was arrested Friday on a charge of recklessly endangering safety. He was released from jail Monday while police and the Rock County District Attorney’s Office continue to investigate.

Davenport is not charged with a crime at this time.

“There is a potential self-defense claim we are investigating,” District Attorney David O’Leary wrote in an email to The Gazette. “(The) alleged victim has not been located. We will make a final decision when we have all the facts.”

Police on Monday afternoon said they still were trying to find the thief Davenport said he believes he shot. Town of Beloit Police Chief Steve Kopp identified the man as Eleazar Tate, 27.

Police on Monday found the vehicle they believe Davenport said he shot at—a Chrysler sedan with a bullet hole consistent with the gun Davenport said he fired. The car was found in the 500 block of Euclid Avenue, Beloit, near a house where acquaintances of Tate said he’d gone after the shooting, Kopp said.

Kopp said it appears that one or more of the car’s windows broken during the shooting had been replaced.

Tate, 27, is described by police as black, 5 feet, 5 inches tall and 155 pounds. He has a tattoo with the word “mob” on his left upper arm.

Kopp said acquaintances of Tate over the weekend turned over a bloody item of clothing they said belonged to Tate.

Police today conducted a search of the Euclid Avenue residence, Kopp said. Investigators discovered evidence that Tate had attempted to clean himself up after the shooting.

Investigators believe Tate was shot in the arm at least once, according to acquaintances of Tate, Kopp said.

Kopp said police have known Tate’s identity for a couple of days, but they withheld his name while they investigated and tried to find him.

Tate was on Huber work release at the time of the suspected theft, Kopp said. Police believe he’s hesitant to step forward as a victim because there is a warrant for his arrest.

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