Kolste presses Walker on budget provisions

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staff, Gazette
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

— Rep. Debra Kolste said Tuesday she will ask Gov. Scott Walker to veto the bail bond provision from the state budget and to reverse the eviction of the Center for Investigative Journalism from the UW-Madison campus.

The Joint Committee on Finance added the two items to the budget without notice or a public hearing, Kolste said.

"Both these things are policy items, are not fiscal and don't belong in the budget," said Kolste said, D-Janesville. "These things are not just policy, they are terrible policy."

Judges, court clerks, defense lawyers and prosecutors have all come out against establishing a bail bond system, which would invite bounty hunters into the state, Kolste said.

"Even Attorney General Van Hollen opposes the bail bond system," Kolste said, noting that Van Hollen had written his own letter to the governor.

Kolste said the committee also took abrupt action to kick the Center for Investigative Journalism out of two rooms at Vilas Hall at the university. The center provided internships and practical professional experience for student journalists in return for space.

"I believe that the center has a non-partisan interest in investigative journalism and its reporters go where the stories take them," she said. "The removal of the center seems like a vindictive action for a story someone didn't like," she said.

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