MMA fighter who fought officers, dog found not guilty due to mental disease

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staff, Gazette
Thursday, June 20, 2013

— A mixed martial arts fighter who brawled with officers and a police dog last year was found not guilty by mental disease or defect at a Rock County Court hearing Wednesday afternoon, his lawyer said.

It took five Janesville police officers, two attacks by the dog and multiple Taser shots to arrest James Warfield, 34, Green Bay, in June of 2012, according to a criminal complaint.

Warfield was charged with battery of a police officer, harassment of a police animal causing injury, resisting an officer and criminal damage to property, court records show.

Judge Richard Werner found Warfield not guilty because of mental disease or defect Wednesday after a court-ordered doctor’s evaluation, said Joshua Klaff, Warfield’s attorney.

Warfield had entered a guilty pleas to the charges, but because of the evaluation that judgment was not entered against him, Klaff said.

Prosecutors agreed with the recommendation that Warfield be found not guilty, Klaff said.

The ruling effectively ends the case against Warfield, although he will still have another short-term evaluation before the court issues a final disposition in the next 30 days or so, Klaff said.

Klaff declined to say what the nature of Warfield’s mental disease or defect was.

Warfield was still being held at the Rock County Jail, where records show he has been since last June, a staff member said Wednesday afternoon.

Just before 11 p.m. on June 8, 2012, witnesses told police they saw Warfield throw a large rock through the window of a McDonald’s on Milton Avenue.

He stayed at the scene, authorities said, and when police tried to talk with him Warfield denied being involved before punching one of the officers in the mouth.

Another officer hit Warfield with a shot from his Taser, but it “seemed to have little effect” on him, according to the criminal complaint.

As more officers arrived they twice sent police dog Hardy to bite Warfield, who punched and kicked the dog, authorities said.

Pepper spray and blows from a baton also proved incapable of bringing Warfield down, according to the complaint.

Five officers had fought with Warfield by the time one of them again shot him with a Taser and he could be arrested, police said.

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