Been here before: Winzenz named Janesville's interim city manager

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Marcia Nelesen
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

— Assistant City Manager Jay Winzenz will step in once again as Janesville's interim city manager after the council offered him the job in closed session Tuesday.

Current City Manager Eric Levitt leaves for Simi Valley, Calif., in May.

The terms of Winzenz's contract will be discussed in open session at the council's next regular meeting Monday, April 22.

The council during a study session Monday, April 29, will discuss how it will choose a new city manager.

In 2008, the council hired a recruiter to produce a slate of potential candidates.

The council stressed community involvement during the process. It asked residents what qualities they would like to see in a new city manager. A panel comprising community members interviewed each applicant, as well.

Levitt, who was an applicant on the first go-around, was not interviewed. When council members were not satisfied with the choices, they opened the process again and specifically called Levitt in to interview.

The process took at least seven months and cost about $40,000.

Winzenz served as interim city manager for the three months between when longtime City Manager Steve Sheiffer retired and Levitt arrived.

Winzenz did not apply for the manager's position at that time.

Levitt promoted Winzenz to assistant city manager in April 2009.

Winzenz has worked for the city since 1988 and has held a variety of positions, including operations and neighborhood services director.

The council Tuesday also seated new council members and elected new officers.

Kathy Voskuil will continue to serve as president. Matt Kealy is the new vice president.

Council members elected to two-year terms earlier this month were Brian Fitzgerald, Doug Marklein, Sam Liebert and DuWayne Severson.


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