California city to vote Monday on hiring Janesville’s city manager

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Marcia Nelesen
Saturday, April 6, 2013

— The Simi Valley City Council will vote Monday whether to offer an already-negotiated contract to Janesville City Manager Eric Levitt.

The council in the southern California city is scheduled to vote on a resolution “appointing Eric Levitt to the position of city manager,” according to an agenda item posted online Friday. “The city council has completed the selection and negotiation process for city manager.”

The Simi Valley council discussed the contract in closed session Wednesday.

Levitt did not immediately return a phone call asking for comment Friday.

Kathy Voskuil, council president, declined to comment on Levitt’s pending departure and the process to find a new city manager until after Monday’s vote makes the hiring official.

Levitt and Simi Valley have been negotiating since three city officials traveled here from California in mid-March to interview community members who work with Levitt.

At that time, Simi Valley officials said Levitt was the only finalist for their vacant city manager position.

Levitt traveled to Simi Valley in late March.

Levitt has been Janesville’s city manager since December 2008, when the council here hired him from Sedona, Ariz.

The proposed contract includes provisions for:

-- A $200,000 salary.

-- Up to a 2 percent increase in salary after six months.

-- 248 hours of vacation a year, or about six weeks.

-- $6,000 a year for a vehicle.

-- An employer contribution of $65 a month for a 401(k) deferred compensation.

-- Up to $15,000 in moving expenses.

Levitt’s last review here was in August, at which time he received a positive review but no raise, leaving his salary at $140,080. Levitt consistently recommended the council forgo his raise because of Janesville’s troubled economy.

Other elements of Levitt’s compensation package here have not changed through the years and include a $5,100 annual vehicle allowance, $6,000 for a deferred compensation account, $1,200 cellphone allowance and five weeks vacation.

Simi Valley is a city of 126,500 people northwest of Los Angeles. The city was rated the eighth-happiest city in the United States in a recent University of Vermont study of more than 1 million tweets in 400 locations, a city official said in an earlier interview.

Last updated: 10:28 am Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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