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Friends of Noah plans K9 Carnival, Rescue Run

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Shelly Birkelo
Thursday, October 4, 2012

— The first time George Carpenter saw a "Dress Your Dog" relay, he just knew it needed to be included into a Friends of Noah event.

"The concept is awkward because you're dressing a dog with a T-shirt, lei or necklace, hat, grass skirt and sunglasses," he said.

Saturday, Carpenteróa committee member for the animal rescue groupówill introduce the unique event as part of the organization's first-ever K9 Carnival and Rescue Run.

The relay works like this: Each person who enters the contest picks one item from each of five clothing bins, dresses his or her dog as fast as possible, and then has the dog run the relay.

"The first person and dog to accomplish this wins," Carpenter said. "It's just a fun thing to do."

Six to 10 people and their dogs will compete in the relays, which are scheduled at noon and 2 p.m. Saturday.

But, "if we're really successful and people love it, we'll throw in one or two more races,'' Carpenter said.

Saturday's program kicks off with a 1-mile walk or 5K Rescue Run for dogs and owners at 9 a.m. Another event expected to draw interest is "lure coursing."

"A white fluffy thing is attached to the end of a lure that is set up in a big circle inside fencing and it's remotely operated," explained Friends of Noah-Wisconsin Executive Director Lois Corwin.

"Once the fuzzy thing is activated, you let your dog loose to see if the dog can catch it. It's a hoot for humans, and it's a blast for the dogs."

Other games planned include a radar run, where a former police officer will clock a dog's speed, and fly ball, where dogs race over hurdles to a box that releases a ball to be caught, then race back to their handlers carrying the ball, Corwin said.

Several other activities also are planned, including carnival games, demonstrations, a gift basket raffle and children's activities.

In addition to pet-related vendors, there also will be food and music available.

Although the "Dress Your Dog" race is free to enter, the organization is asking for $1 donations for each of the other games.

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