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Town of Fulton replacing fire signs

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Wednesday, May 23, 2012
— If your spouse has fallen off the roof while cleaning out the gutters, you'd want emergency services to arrive as soon as possible.

Ditto for house fires, burglaries in progress and even noise complaints.

But in order to help, emergency responders need to be able to find you.

That's why the town of Fulton is investing about $41,000 for new fire signs.

The new, 20-by-8-inch signs will have white lettering on a red background and will be make of high-density sheeting with a UV-stabilizer applied to help them handle the weather, according to a flier from the town.

So why the new signs, and why now?

"It's really for emergency response," said Connie Zimmerman, town clerk. "Right now we have fire signs on houses, trees, split rail fences—all over the place."

And some of the signs on posts have been moved, covered up by landscaping or lost in the undergrowth.

Fulton Township is part of the Edgerton Fire District, a 100-square-mile area that also includes part of Porter Township, all of Albion Township in Dane County and part of Sumner Township in Jefferson County.

The fire district applied for a grant to pay for new fire signs, but it was turned down, Zimmerman said.

The size of the district and rural environs make the signs a crucial factor in response time, said Edgerton Fire Chief Brian Demrow.

"A few times (rescue workers) they've come back from ambulance calls and said, 'It would have been nice to see the fire sign,'" Demrow said.

On an ambulance call, 30 seconds "can make a lot of difference," he said.

The town of Porter recently decided to replace signs, and the move has made a difference, Demrow said.

The new signs will be perpendicular to the road and be placed in similar locations for each residence or business so emergency responders know where to look.

Once installed, it will be illegal to remove or move the signs, Zimmerman said.

Old fire signs will be collected and sold as scrap metal. Proceeds will go to offset the price of the new signs.

Cedarburg Landscaping Co. will begin installing the signs in about a month. Work should be completed by Sept. 1.

Last updated: 8:17 pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

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