Retiring teachers' benefits altered in Delavan

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Catherine W. Idzerda
May 15, 2012
— For the second time in less than a month, members of the newly elected Delavan-Darien School Board altered benefits for retiring teachers.

The move comes after an April 23 meeting when board members voted to change insurance carriers and ended post-retirement benefits for new hires.

In the past, district teachers with enough years of service received four to eight years of health insurance benefits. The price of those benefits was based on benefit costs the year the teacher retired.

After that eight-year period, teachers could stay on the plan and pay the full cost of the benefits, district business manager Carey Bradley told the


Not anymore. Starting next year, retirees will be eligible for their four to eight years, but after that, they will have to find their own health care.

Teachers who retired this year or who are already retired will be grandfathered in and will not lose any benefits.

The district recently changed insurance carriers, and that's part of the reason for the change, Bradley said.

The board voted to change insurance from the Wisconsin Education Association Trust to Humana, a move that will save the district $600,000 in the first year. However, Humana was not interested in providing continuing coverage to retired teachers after their four-to-eight year benefit period expires.

At the April meeting, the board voted to end all post-employment benefits for new hires, with current employees grandfathered in.

In other business, board member Joe Peyer asked the board to consider opening more of the school's facilities during the summer. Peyer suggested members of the public, who paid for the buildings, might be interested in using the gym, tennis courts and school library during the summer.

The board also asked Mike Heine, coordinator of school-community relations, to look into the logistics of streaming board meetings on the Internet and televising them on local cable.

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